Can't get enough of our artwork? Know someone who would like to receive our art as a gift? We've got your solution for getting more of our art for less!

As an official Torchbearer of The Torchlight Society, you will receive a Welcome Kit upon sign-up and four quarterly shipments containing art and other Odyssey paraphernalia. (International customers will get the Welcome Kit and two semiannual shipments combining the quarterly shipments to reduce shipping costs) The subject matter will be a mix of all the pop-culture art you've come to know and love, focusing especially on television and movies.

Perks of your membership:

  • 10% off all purchases, both online and at conventions
  • Access to purchase convention exclusives prior to conventions
  • Access to private discount codes for private sales
  • Access to purchase Torchlight Society exclusive art from previous shipments
  • Torchweek! A week each year when the member discount is 50%
  • An invitation to the Society's private Facebook group
  • Member exclusive Fan Votes
  • A subscription to our newsletter News By Torchlight

What's in the Welcome Kit?

  • A welcome letter from Brian C. Roll (Owner/Artist) and Katie Roll (Director of Operations/"The Boss")
  • Your Official Torchbearer Membership Pass
  • A Torchlight Society Exclusive 8.5"x 11" Alter-Egos Series print
  • A set of 16 Alter-Egos Series III trading cards
  • An Odyssey Torch magnet
  • The products in the Welcome Kit have a retail value of $35 and that's before you even factor in the discounts your pass entitles you to!


Awesome! But what do I get in the quarterly shipments?

  • A Torchlight Society Exclusive print. This art will not be available anywhere else and only Torchbearers will have the opportunity to purchase these prints after the shipment!
  • The Alter-Egos Series print released the month of the quarterly shipment. Don't know about our Alter-Egos Series?
  • Another newly released print
  • Each quarterly shipment has a base retail value of $70 or more!

Check out 2017's quarterly shipments:

tls-shipment-2017-1.jpg tls-shipment-2017-2.jpgtls-shipment-2017-3.jpg  tls-shipment-2017-4.jpg

 And 2018's quarterly shipments:

tls-shipment-2018-1.jpg tls-shipment-2018-2.jpgtls-shipment-2018-3.jpg tls-shipment-2018-4.jpg


2019' s Theme is...



Fantastic! When can I expect to get my shipments?

  • Your Welcome Kit will ship immediately so you can start using your pass right away!
  • Your quarterly provisions will ship in March, June, September and December (International shipments will be in June and December)

Oh and one more thing. The Torchlight Exclusive prints each quarter will join up to form a giant robot that fights evil! Or maybe they just link up to form one giant piece of art...




 I'm in! How much does it cost?

We have two options for one year's subscription (Welcome Kit + 4 Quarterly Shipments):

    • The U.S. and Canada - One payment of $120


    • International (aka, outside the U.S. and Canada) - One payment of $200





**Please note that this will require you to login to Paywhirl and that is different than your Odyssey Account. Paywhirl handles all of our secure subscription payment services. Thank you!