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TLS Testimonials





Still not sure about signing up? We know you'll love the experience but we may be a bit biased. So don't take it from us, here's what our Torchbearers have to say about being a member of The Torchlight Society: 


"Torchlight Society is great art for a great price, yes, but so much more. Such wonderful interaction with other members, always excellent info from Brian on any questions & what cons he's going to be at and first looks from him on new art. If you're not a member, get on board - all fandoms welcome - Brian has art for everyone! (And it makes great gifts!-I'm not a HP (Harry Potter) fan, but with this year's Torchlight offering, I've got bday & Xmas covered for my HP lovers!)" Penny R.


"Being a Torchbearer has been amazing. I love Brian's work - getting to add to my collection through quarterly shipments, discounts on purchases, and access to convention exclusives early is great. My favorite part is having a voice! Being a Torchbearer allows me to vote on different things like what the yearly Torchlight theme will be! I am so excited to renew my membership again. This will be my third year!" Katie P.


"I am honored to be a member of Torchlight Society for various reasons. It is a combination of A) admiration for an exceptional artist and a person, Brian Roll, who also happens to be a great friend and B) the delightful expectation of what wonderful and beautiful creations will come next. I am a fan since 2016 and I will be a member for life. I invite anyone to join and enjoy the one thing that we all share in this group and that is the love of Science Fiction films and TV shows and ART." Carlos R.


"What I love about being a TLS member is the artwork is so cool to look at, display or collect. The attention to detail and the style really make it stand out in the best possible way. Plus, the special offers and exclusives are really good. There is something for everyone so being a member of the TLS is totally worth it. If you're a fan of artwork look no further." Ryan P.


"I LOVE being a Torchlight Member because I get fantastic artwork and items shipped directly to me, that relate to me! I have been a member since the CW line and fell in love with all the items I received-and then AGAIN with the Marvel line & I CANNOT WAIT for the upcoming HARRY POTTER line. Every package is like a little Christmas gift to myself-even if I know what is inside I get all excited & can’t wait until I open it! Keep it coming! Thanks so much for all you do! I had first bought some artwork at NYCC (New York Comic Con) years back and was so excited when you started doing this, as I can’t always make it to the cons. Thank you!" Katie M