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About Us




Odyssey began as Odyssey Comics way back in 1991, at Terrill Middle School in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, when Brian Roll brought together a couple of friends that shared his love of comic books, art and storytelling. As the years passed and the contributors changed, Brian kept creating characters and stories with his focus squarely set on starting his own comic book studio. 









 Currently, Brian is working on his first illustrated novel, called The Circle. The Circle project was   successfully funded on Kickstarter, which he is now illustrating and is proving to be his most challenging   project yet! If you aren't previously familiar with Brian's art, his style could be called stylized realism. He   draws very realistic portraits, but with an edgy twist. Greg Horn, one of the most prolific cover artists of our   day, once told Brian that his style is unique and he should stick with it. Brian took that to heart, has stuck with it and continues to hone his craft. Brian sells his prints, along with the occasional original sketch in marker, at conventions across the country and internationally. He takes commissions when time allows and has become a wine label artist exclusively for Nocking Point Wines. He has done work for The New York Yankees, Topps trading cards, and more. He has been interviewed countless times, even drawing live on the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest stage. He has extremely loyal customers, whom he adores as most of them have become good friends. He is a charitable guy, having raised money for cancer research, The Children's Hospital, Capes & Crowns Foundation, and many more. Sometimes he donates money and sometimes it's art for charity auctions. He is passionate about supporting fellow artists and budding artists. He is eager to give advice to whoever wants to listen. He is an only child who grew up in New Jersey with both his parents. He graduated from James Madison University in Virginia with a BFA (general Fine Arts with a focus in computer animation). He currently resides in Wilmington, NC with his wife, Katie and their son.







 Katie is a bit of an artist herself, enjoying writing, singing, photography, home decor and fashion. She didn't   grow up with comic books, but was introduced to this world with Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man. She loved   the   movie and will gladly go see the popular "super-hero" movies that have been flooding our big screens   today. When she met Brian, she could see how talented he was and knew he was going places. She loved his   kind heart, his mostly witty, sometimes corny sense of humor, and his passion for the arts. She has played a   big role in supporting Brian and all his artistic endeavors. She loves to travel to conventions with him and   has befriended the fans and customers. She also plays a large role behind the scenes, wearing many   different "hats." (ie. customer service, shipping, marketing, admin, etc.) She will continue to help grow the   Odyssey name.