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00 - Alter-Egos Series 3: Collector's Checklist

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FREE Alter-Egos Series 3 Collector's Checklist. Just download and print or open in your PDF viewer to track your Alter-Egos collection.

Follow the links below to purchase the available prints from Series 3:


  • III.02v- James Howlett is The Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) - SOLD OUT
  • III.02vv- Old Man Logan was Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) - SOLD OUT
  • III.04v- Dr. Harrison Wells is Reverse Flash (Tom Cavanagh) - SOLD OUT
  • III.13- Mayor Oliver Queen is Green Arrow (Stephen Amell)
  • III.14- John Diggle is Spartan (David Ramsey) - SOLD OUT
  • III.15- Laurel Lance is Black Canary (Katie Cassidy) - SOLD OUT


**Please note, this is not a physical product**